As a result of doing this work you may experience:

•Feeling more calm and grounded

•Feeling more focused and still

•Spontaneous healing

Healing, meditation and other spiritual practices become easier as the body no longer fights the Light.

In addition to the BCR, we will also address as part of the healing specific issues in your life, whether relationship problems, release of negative emotions such as anger and stress, disease, financial issues, toxins, etc. This will be discussed at the beginning of your session.

Duration: 3-3 ½ hours

Next session: Etheric Crystal/Divinity Threshold Removal and Astral Devices

First Session:

Body Consciousness Realignment (BCR):

Our body’s consciousness is a different beingness than our soul. The former’s purpose is to keep us separated from God.

By bringing your soul and body consciousness into alignment, higher divine light, instead of being blocked, can reach your body on a cellular level more easily.



Body Consciousness Realignment (BCR)

Astral Devices

Etheric Crystal/Divinity Threshold Removal

Higher Light Integration/Activations/Recalibrations

Karmic Matrix Reabsorption (KMR), Divinity Activations

Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment

Nephilim Removal

Lightbody Integration