Body Consciousness Realignment (BCR)

Astral Devices

Etheric Crystal/Divinity Threshold Removal

Higher Light Integration/Activations/Recalibrations

Karmic Matrix Reabsorption (KMR), Divinity Activations

Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment

Nephilim Removal

Lightbody Integration

Fourth Session:

Karmic Matrix Reabsorption (KMR), Divinity Activations

This technique reabsorbs into The Source specific and general karmic energy patterning from all of your lifetimes at once without slogging through and processing all of the third dimensional experiences.

Your Spirit decides which patterns are to be removed and which orientations of Divinity are to be infused.

This technique powerfully affects every person you have ever known, in this and other lifetime. Personal relationships can shift immediately.

Having a KMR, you still have to engage in your emotional transformation work. However, the KMR accelerates and deepens it.

Effects from this work, which may occur, are:

•Freeing up of specific and general karmic patterning that is holding you back from moving to your next step

•Major shifts in personal relationships. If a relationship is karmically based it is likely to dissolve

•Relationships based on Spirit will strengthen

•Complete and sudden life shift, any relationship or situation can suddenly go into crisis, release or disappear

•Experience of an enormous amount of change in a very short period of time

•Sudden personality/identity shift as a lot of the released matrix is self-karmic

•Breakthrough into a vaster multi-dimensional reality

•Descensions of Spirit, very common after a KMR, often very intense, lots of physical manifestations as Spirit shakes out a lot of density, stuck emotions and closed systems

Deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of separation from source, with a whole new level of vision and determination emerging as your old reality disappears and a new world is simultaneously born

Prerequisite: BCR, Etheric Crystal/Divinity Threshold Removal, Activations, Higher Light Integration

Duration: ca 3 - 3 1/2 hours

Next sessions: Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment, Nephilim Removal