After graduating as a Medical Doctor in 1994 from University of Heidelberg, Germany, Darius moved to London, UK, where he practiced oncology for almost 20 years, 6 of those in the corporate field. Being on the search for a powerful healing modality, he was guided in 2002 to qualify as a Light Body Integration Practitioner with Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire and Nicolas David Ngan and has subsequently developed his own method of healing.

Honouring his spiritual path, he left traditional medicine in 2015 in order to practice full-time as a healer, yet still referencing to his extensive knowledge as a physician for those clients that come to him with medical challenges. Besides providing individual sessions, Darius has been giving workshops in the UK, Mexico and the Netherlands. He is available in person and online, for both individual and corporate clients.

Darius’ mission is to empower his clients, to guide them on their spiritual path and towards their true essence of being multi-dimensional beings, and to help them manifest Heaven on Earth. He effectively supports his clients’ ascension process which we as humanity collectively undergo at this time.

His clients come for various reasons. These include amongst many others, medical problems, energetic attacks, looking for a direction in life and to accelerate spiritual growth. Darius provides his services in English, Spanish and German.


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