Q: Is the work offered by Darius only for spiritual purposes?

A: The effect of the work goes beyond the spiritual aspect. It can and does (if addressed during the healing session) affect our physical reality, such as health and financial abundance, emotional and mental aspects.


Q: I have a medical problem that I want to have addressed. Is that possible?

A: Yes. Darius has been dealing with medical problems, including diseases like cancer, viral hepatitis, heart attacks, chronic renal failure and many more. Being also a medical doctor, he has an understanding of therapies and their side effects, and does his best to optimize the outcome.


Q: I don't have any problems. Is there any benefit from this work?

A: Some people may work with Darius initially because a specific problem, however the aim of the work is also to help the soul to evolve and be prepared to undergo the ascension process.


Q: Can the work be used to manifest certain things in my life, such as a new job?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you treat animals?

A: Yes. Animals are very open to healing. Darius' experience includes a variety of different problems such as cancer and paralysis of the hind legs following a road traffic accident.