Es un ser maravilloso de luz , nos entrega todo su ser , nos da enseñanzas muy profundas y con todo su amor ! Los cambios en mi han sido impresionantes ! No te pierdas sus cursos y conocerlo ! Gracias Darius por TODO te adoro

Rita Wigisser de Margolis, healer, www.ritawmargolis.com

Mexico City, Mexico, April 2021


It’s hard to explain in words, the special role Darius has played in my family’s life. In January 2019, I almost lost my son, and there wasn’t much the 3rd dimensional medical specialists could do. That’s when I came across Darius’s interview with Steve Nobel, and reached out to him. On a very short notice not only did he just respond to my email but set up a couple of sessions with me and my husband and 3 with my son (in spirit..which I strongly felt as I sat with my son in my arms during the session). There was only a text from him - I am starting the session now, and I felt such intense healing energies in the NICU with my son, that many medical instruments flickered and made a lot of noise due to the intense energy fields created. He has immense knowledge about the medical aspect since he has studied medicine and also the multidimensional healing possibilities which many of us do not understand yet. He has a great team of extraterrestrial/light beings who work with him when need be.. having sessions with Darius I learnt a lot which helped me on my journey along with the urgent need of helping my son. It wasn’t a one time help/support..Darius helped out again with some more sessions which helped my family through the journey we were on. Darius is a great spiritual leader/teacher, with many gifts that he shares so kindly with everyone.. I do wish to learn more from him through his courses very soon. I cannot recommend him enough. Lot of blessings and gratitude for your work Darius.

Sumi Jansen Kolagada, Co-Owner and Co-Founder at www.Soulliving.no

Norway, September 2020


Darius is a lightworker, a beautiful human being with extraordinary gifts. I’ve completed 2 out of 3 sessions with Darius and I can truly say that it has changed my life. I have never felt so at peace in my life. After session one I experienced more happiness, self-confidence and a strong inner guidance. I felt much calmer, started sleeping much better and making wiser choices in my day to day life. Session 2 was also very powerful, and I’ve been feeling blissful since. I’m in love with life and everything that comes with it; people, animals, plants, insects, experiences! I have this feeling of deep love for everything that surrounds me. I feel a deep connection to nature, and I can now truly appreciate its beauty. I’m experiencing greater intuition and I’ve gained great insight into certain events in my life, all the while feeling grateful for it led me to this remarkable experience. I highly recommend Darius and I’m looking forward to having my 3rd session.

Pam, Lecturer,

Kent, U.K, June 2019


Being a multidimensional healer and being diagnosed with cancer myself, I feel blessed that Darius Meibodi was brought on my path to help me unravel all the different layers involved in the situation. Darius is a powerful healer and a bridge between the old and the new world. His soul is committed to assisting humanity on the path of ascension. As a person he is intelligent and fun to be around. His smile lights up the room and loving kindness radiates from his being. I visited him in the south of France for an individual therapy and healing and I am looking forward to working with him as a collegue on the ascension path to bring more awareness and light about the multidimensional aspects of disease. See you soon in the Netherlands Darius Meibodi.

Viola, Multidimensional Healer

Netherlands, May 2019


Mi experiencia con el Dr. Darius Meibodi . Cambio mi mirada hacia mi y la vida, abrió mi corazón y encontré la belleza del amor real e incondicional.La ascención es tener el valor de abrir la consciencia. El trabajo del Dr. Darius nos lleva a ese lugar, con la fuerza de su energía y sabiduría nos guia y acompaña,al lugar donde ya estamos listos para vivir

Carmina Herrejón

Mexico City, Mexico, March 2019


Recientemente me di la oportunidad de hacer el nivel 1 y 2 con Darius y sin duda ha sido una de las mejores experiencias espirituales que he vivido! 😊🙏🏻Estoy en un proceso de transformación profundo y emocionada por hacer el Nivel 3.Súper recomendable la experiencia en todos los niveles! Gracias!!! Gracias!!! Gracias!!!

Edna Zenil

Mexico City, Mexico, November 2018


I have recently completed Level 3 of the Lightbody Integration with Darius. Even after the first session there was a significant change in my energy levels, it’s like being plugged into a cosmic battery. My stress and worry levels have minimised. I was shocked at how instant this process is.After Level 1 I knew immediately that I wanted to continue with individual sessions, it was one of the best decisions of my life. Darius has created a personalised programme for me which has included specific issues to be transformed. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for over 25 years and the Lightbody Integration process is freeing me. Some of the symptoms have completely gone and others are reduced to practically nothing, there’s real change. I had collapsed lungs in my 20’s making my breathing restricted, my lung capacity has now improved a lot. Also my mood has lifted and I am so much happier in myself. I feel like this process has given me back a positive side to life, lifted a lot of dark energy, problems and healed traumas from way back.If you have any inkling to do this, don’t hesitate, do it! I can highly recommend this process. The only requirement is to be willing to turn up, agree to change and accept help. There’s nothing complicated to do, just follow the instruction given by Darius, he’s a gift from the Universe. Thank you Darius.


UK, September 2018


I feel an overwhelming gratitude that I had a chance to experience this healing as it has been truly transformational on so many levels. I had a lot of confusion, anxiety, fogginess and physical pain from post traumatic stress after a couple of intense traumatic experiences some from childhood and some events that happened later on. I felt a lot of blockages in my mind, heart and uterus that made it very difficult to really connect with myself and others in a natural way. That one session with Darius has been extremely valuable in the sense that I felt immediate! results during and after the session. I am somewhat surprised that these partially life long aches and heavy energies have been finally lifted off me and that I really able to feel calm and at ease in my own space, holding space for myself in a new way. It surprises me positively since I have been preciously continuously working on my own healing in therapies and other advanced healing techniques but with very slow improvements. This time it was a very profound ,going deep down to the core of my soul and really addressing the most darkest parts and fears. Darius is empathic and super efficient in what he does and the precision with which he picks up the even most subtle things is truly astonishing. Very happy about the results and can 100% and sincerely encourage anybody taking a chance, it works!

Jasmin Doe

Playa del Carmen, Mexico, June 2018

La sanación con Darius fue un viaje de magia, reconciliación y entendimiento profundo. Llegó, como todo llega, en el momento que estaba lista para entrar en el flujo de sanación y en mi momento de recibir, trabajar y llevar luz a donde era necesario. Con el conozco a un ser humano maravilloso, compasivo, comprometido y coherente que da y da y da, conectado a la Fuente Divina  El toque de Gracia, de amor, paz y contención en el viaje-trabajo personal  fue maravilloso.  Mi agradecimiento profundo a Darius y a los seres de luz. Estoy lista para ir mas profundo y liberar mas para seguir en el camino del gozo y del crecimiento de amor/conciencia.

Gracias Darius por ser canal de la Divinidad.

Viviana Mahbub Arelle, Holistic Health Coach

Mexico City, Mexico, March 2018


Supreme healing and guidance at the highest level. Darius is a skilled medically trained Doctor with the gift of a multidimensional seer. This man is truly a Divine being of infinite healing abilities. On all levels he is extraordinary. Booking Darius for a healing or taking part in his workshops you won't be disappointed. You will definitely leave with much more than you expected. I highly recommend Darius and wish you well on your journey.

Helen Woolfenden Designer and Healer

London, UK, March 2018


I feel extremely BLESSED to be surrounded by some of the most extraordinary powerful and devoted amazing truly gifted GIFTED healers <3 <3 <3 There are so many to name and I cannot imagine this journey without them as each is supremely instrumental to the Ascension of Humanity and I AM honored to have worked with many and experienced their gifts. One person, however, is the absolute closest to me, who is someone that I have had the honor, privilege and GIFT in serving both planetary healing together in anchoring the cities of light thru Magdalene Codes, as well as my to go, person, when I AM in a need of quick assistance from galactic level and that is my sacred divine soul galactic brother, Darius Meibodi, whom I HIGHLY respect. The last 2 weeks have been so profound on numerous levels and being held with both my sacred beloved Michael Abramson & Darius, gave me the ability to TRANSCEND the severe Dark Force Attack. The three of us worked so close with each other with the highest LOVE bringing thru the transformation so the manipulation energies involved can transcend back to LIGHT again. <3 <3 <3 Darius is a former medical physician who gave it all up to serve his HIGHER GALACTIC CALLING and he has supreme GIFTS that are powerfully grounded, disciplined and mature. If I AM ever in crisis, as I was on Sunday night, he is the ONE that I reach out to. :) <3 <3 <3 :) He works at a frequency that most do not have access to and he is incredibly gifted so for me another that's super galactic and know what we are dealing with, is a frequency that I prefer interacting with that is respectful and honorable. I highly highly highly RECOMMEND Darius for any HIGHER ASSISTANCE with chips, entities, soul contracts, Etheric Doctors, old program removal, updates...... and so much more. THERE IS NO ONE LIKE him and what an extraordinary GIFT he is to our world. <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU my sacred Darius for what you did for both me and Michael in your support and assistance. We are beyond GRATEFUL to the bond and LOVE we share from eons ago and the work we are fulfilling here on earth, having one another's back along the way as soldiers of DIVINE LIGHT. I LOVE YOUI THANK YOUI HONOR YOU Your Sistar, HoniB

Washington DC, USA, January 2018

HoniB: Galactic Shaman | Ascension Guide | Planetary Healer


Feeling buzzing with a renewed sense of confidence to start really walking the path which I have been contemplating and planning this past year. Felt like I almost channelled the words which I wrote on my website to offer my new services, which is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but not confident to step into. Thank you so much for your healing and the renewed sense of life, meaning and purpose which it has brought to my life. Looking forward to seeing you at your workshop next week. Enjoy the rest of your evening and weekend.

Stephanie Bernard

London, UK, October 2017



My healing with Darius Meibodi was extraordinary. It was a revelation on many levels. One was the realisation that many of the pains or tensions in my body were actually related to my energy body and not just ‘injuries’. This has taught me to be more aware of my energy body, cleansing it and protecting it, as well as paying close attention to symptoms in my body, listening to what they speak of.   Another incredible thing was how talented a listener Darius was during the sessions. He hears the emotion behind your words and gets to your real feelings on the matter at hand. And I found him very comfortable to talk to, even on intimate matters.   There was a wonderful collaborative feeling to our sessions, and I was left with the feeling I had received more than I had asked for, as we had addressed issues beyond my expectations.   Afterwards, I remember this feeling of clarity, of falling in love with the world again, and of embodying love. Darius opened my eyes to the possibility of letting go of the patterns and ways of being I was stuck in, and clear them out making way for new, more authentic and trusting ways of being.   I highly recommend anyone to work with Darius if they are ready to explore their authentic selves and souls as an expression of pure love.


London, UK, September 2017


Thank you my dear sacred brother for the amazing healing session you facilitated with me. I am so grateful for this profound experience that left me expanded, awakened, liberated and motivated to thrive to my highest and fullest potential. For just being in your beautiful presence was a royal treat, but to feel the magic touch of your divine gift was a priceless experience that I cannot express enough appreciation and dear love, mi hermano. There are moments of life when you feel touched by the grace of divinity and feel blessed by the universe above. Having the opportunity to have felt your priceless gift is one of these moments.....that I will surely will never forget. Your compassion, kindness, and dear love is exuded in your complete being, and feel so thankful for the time you spent with me. For it was truly a divine blessing. With the highest honor and respect to my dear beloved, Honi Borden, I am so grateful and happy she connected us. Thank you my dear love for introducing me to this incredible light worker. And thank you Darius Meibodi for all the love and blessings you have offered in support to Honi and I. Abrazo Fuerte 🙏♥️

Michael Abramson

Licensed Acupuncturist, Shamanic Healer, Massage Therapist, Sports Medicine Specialist, Energy Healer

South of France, September 2017


Hi dear Darius, I cant tell you how grateful I am for the  Light Body Integration session you did for me 2 weeks ago. In the days after it I felt a kind of bouncing going on - hitting the ground and then bouncing high. I've had this before after an intense workshop. Now, 2 weeks later I feel so much more integrated, peaceful and connected with the Divine. It's really surprising to me - it seems to have happened of its own accord. Life is flowing so beautifully. Relationship difficulties have eased and synchronicities abound. I feel like I am living my purpose and am extremely fortunate to be doing so. I can not thank you enough Darius. You are such a beautiful person and I am thrilled to have met you. I look forward to more Light Body work with you next month. Tons of love, Brid

Brid Hanlon, spiritual counsellor and homeopath (www.eastlondonhomeopathy.co.uk)

London, UK, June 2017


The group light body healing I received from Darius was one of the most powerful transformational experiences that I have ever had, on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and ethereal. I did not really know what to expect when I was invited to the group meditation with Darius, but he explained what was going to happen so clearly and fully that I was able to trust in the healing that he was giving and understand a little the process that was about to occur. With the meticulousness, precision and thoroughness of a master spiritual surgeon, Darius performed nothing less than a miracle, missing nothing out that needed healing or aligning back in to its divine place. Whilst Darius was performing the healing, I had many visions, and I left feeling very light at the end. The following week my whole being, body, mind, spirit and more went through a super fast detoxifying process,where I released so many things, mental, physical, emotional, etheral, understood so many experiences that had happened to me in my life and in past lives in a new light and I had an incredible soul rebirth experience, when this intense processing finished I saw my aura change colour to a beautiful divine magenta and green. Whilst all of this was happening my relationships with those around me transformed too, all for the greater divine good which is so incredible, I feel so joyful and overwhelmed with happiness and calm. I also feel completely grounded in my power and clear on my life purpose and missions in life.  My spiritual practice has strengthened and now makes much more sense to me and my trust in the divine order and abundance of life  and connection to others and nature makes me feel so rich in my heart. I am writing this two weeks after having the healing with Darius and I know that this healing process is still continuing within me. When I arrived at the healing, I had severe eczema on my face, which disappeared within four days, I had a lot of physical discomfort in my kidneys, uterus and right hand side of my body, which has all released itself. My mind is calm and grounded and I can think very clearly and I am able to manifest and see the perfection in things that I could not before.

What a divine gift from heaven to have had this great blessing of receiving Darius's light body group healing. I am soooooooooooooooooooo profoundly grateful and it came to me in a time of my life when  I felt like I had nothing at all,but I have been  given everything divinely back to me. To me, this gift that Darius has is priceless and if you ever have the good fortune to have a healing with Darius, or are in need of healing from any disease, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Darius.

Rachel-Wajiha Butler,
Founder of BeWellDance & Locum Veterinary Surgeon.

Nice, France, February 2017


I experienced Darius' healing work on a full moon where we gathered for a collective meditation. His presence was very powerfully charged with the energy of love and unity. He led us in an amazing meditative healing journey where we precisely annulled and renewed all contracts with both light and dark energies so that we could bring forth an alignment of both our feminine and masculine energies. It was a powerful healing experience that has now propelled me to take some actions in areas of my life that were stagnant. Darius is gifted with depth and purity which makes him an effective energy worker that is able to bring shifts and transformation into people's lives, thereby raising collective consciousness and bringing planetary healing.


Nice, France, February 2017